Local Outreach

The Church is an embassy of the kingdom of God, and her members are ambassadors of Christ who mediate God’s truth and love.


Community Events

Throughout the year we put on community wide events to bless the families of our community. We want to create a time for community fellowship where neighbors can meet one another, children can have fun, and everyone can enjoy good food together! Our hope is that through this ministry god would build a community with him at the center.

Door To Door

We labor to make it to the door of each family in our community at Least once a year to personally invite them to come and worship King Jesus with us! If they have never heard about him we love to tell them about all of the great things that he has done and how they can have peace with God through him!

Mercy Ministry

We want our community to see the Love of jesus even as they hear of the love of jesus. The church is the body of Christ on earth, and As his body we function as his hands and feet in meeting the needs of our neighbors. Therefore, we welcome all those in need to come and experience Christ’s love!